Monthly Archives: January 2020

Update from Bromley CCG re Trinity Medical Centre

Dear Patients, we have received the following statement from Bromley CCG:

“Following the retirement of the former GP partners at Trinity Medical Centre in September 2018, a ‘caretaking’ contract has been put into place to allow primary care services to continue at the surgery. The caretaker contract, which is held by the company Penceat Medical Ltd., is due to expire on 31st March 2020, after which time it is the intention of the owner of the Trinity premises at 33 Croydon Road to sell the property.

Bromley CCG and our partners have been working hard over the last 18 months to identify alternative locations in the Penge and Anerley area to accommodate the surgery after March 2020. Closure of a GP practice is highly undesirable and always a last resort when there are no other options available. Therefore we will continue our attempts with local partners and agencies to try to secure an alternative venue over the coming months.

Bromley CCG will reconvene the Primary Care Commissioning Committee (a body of clinicians, officers and lay members that takes primary care related decisions) in mid-February to make a decision on this matter. We will advertise the date, time and location of the meeting with sufficient advance notice to allow members of the public to attend. We are committed to ensuring there are high quality, responsive and effective primary care services available to all of our residents.

Further enquiries from the public should be directed to or call 020 3930 0100.”